Podcast Quote Requests

Our online quote request form is currently being redesigned. Until then, please get a quote from us by sending an email to info@podcastthemes.com. with the following information:

Your Name

Name of the show

Website of the show

Does the show have any connection to a business/company/organization/etc.

Is the show commercial in nature

Is there a specific budget for this project that needs to be met

Is there a specific timeline for this project that needs to be met

How many pieces of music are needed, and what kind - Opening theme, closing theme, background music, bumpers, stingers, custom song, etc.

Are there any specific timing needs, such as a fade in or out, break in the middle, sudden stop at the end, softer section to talk over, etc.

What style of music is needed - specific examples of similar songs are always helpful, but not necessary

Are there specific sounds or instruments which should be included

Any other information that may be important