If you would like to get a price quote for some music, please fill out our online quote request form


There are many types of music available to meet all price points. Descriptions of the different license types are down at the bottom of the page. All prices listed are guidelines, and vary based on the specific needs of the project. All prices listed below are for personal or non profit groups - business pricing is quoted individually for each project.

Theme music

Pre-Made - $60
Custom License - $125
Full Rights - $250

Theme Package

Pre-Made - $125
Custom License - $225
Full Rights - $400

Bumpers and Stingers

Pre-Made - $30
Custom License - $75
Full Rights - $150

Custom Songs

Pricing on custom songs is based on the requirements for the project. Prices range from $150-500 depending on specifics.

License types

Pre-made themes are pieces of music that have already been created, allowing people with a limited budget to have high quality music for their project.

You can license custom music, which would mean that you can use it for this podcast, but no other projects. I would also hold all rights to the music, and may use it for other projects. There is no expiration date for the license.

You can get an exclusive license for the music, which is the same as a regular license except for the fact that I will not use the music for any other projects as long as you pay the annual license fee. If you were to decide later to stop paying the annual fee, you would still be able to continue using the music, but at that point I would start making it available for other projects.

You can buy the full rights to the music, which would allow you to use it for any project you would like. I would hold no rights to the music, and would not use it for any other projects.

how to order

If you would like to get a price quote for some music, please fill out our online quote request form

If the request form isn't working for you, or you just have a question or comment, please send an e-mail to info@podcastthemes.com


Paypal is the preferred method of payment. Checks are also acceptable, however due to mail times this does extend the process. We take a small down payment when your project is started. Watermarked Samples will be sent to you during the process. Once you are happy with the finished product you will send us the final payment and we will send you high quality MP3's of the final audio files.

Requirements for using our music:

Paid themes - If you have paid for a theme the only requirement (other than payment) is that you either put a link to podcastthemes.com on your site or list us in the credits to your show. This keeps us from having to pay out a lot in advertising, and that helps us to keep our costs down.

Free Themes - If you are using a free theme you must mention our site in your show AND include a link in your main page to our site. It takes us 2-8 hours to create each theme, so this is not an unreasonable requirement.